Who We Are:

AFSCME Local 258 represents the largest classified bargaining unit in the Elk Grove Unified School District.   We received our Charter from the International Union on February 21st, 1940.  Prior to the unification of all the little school districts that comprise the EGUSD, Local 258 represented the classified workforce in just one of them, but when the EGUSD was inaugurated in 1959, we represented them all.

AFSCME represents more than 1.5 million workers across the country at every level of public service.  School workers, state workers, county workers, city and town workers, special district workers, transportation workers, hospital  workers, college and university workers – our Union represents them all over the country.  There are over 4,000 AFSCME Locals in our Union; Local 258 is one of the oldest.  Union services are delivered to us through our membership in Council 57, an umbrella organization of AFSCME locals in northern California including state workers.  Our International Union provides political/legislative representation, research and communications assistance, and specialized training on a number of subjects.  We are also affiliated with the AFL-CIO on the national and state levels, and members of the AFL-CIO’s Sacramento County Central Labor Council.

Local 258 represents the most diverse group of workers in the EGUSD.  Everybody from maintenance and trades to food services to office clerical to grounds to library technicians to custodial to school and adult education clerical and administrative to headquarters clerical and administrative employees are a part of the bargaining unit that Local 258 represents.

By law, everybody in the AFSCME bargaining unit must be represented by Local 258 in all matters related to our contract, based on the merit of the issue.  Also by law, everybody has to pay an “agency fee” to Local 258 in order to be employed here.  Nobody can force a worker to become a member of the Union, but everybody pays.  Currently, dues are 1.52% of monthly pay; agency fees are 1.52%.  Joining the Union brings benefits along with it – the privilege of representation in matters outside the contract like disciplinary actions, the right to vote on all matters including the contract and constitution amendments, Union officers, executive board members, stewards, Council 57 delegates and International convention delegates, the right to run for and hold office in the Union.  Union members also receive all kinds of perks, discounts and freebies – discount tickets to major entertainment attractions, a credit card, group legal services for non-work-related matters, scholarship programs, and discounts on all sorts of items come with membership in AFSCME.

Membership is voluntary.  If you aren’t a member yet, please take a little time to read through the following pages — 5 Great Reasons to Choose Union Membership and AFSCME Local 258 Fact Sheet for Current Employees/Union Member and Agency Fee Payer.   Give us a call at 916.686.6633 if you have more questions.  You can also download and complete the membership application and send it to Payroll via District, and we’ll get you signed up and protected just as soon as possible

AFSCME Local 258 meets every month, on the second Tuesday, at 5:00 p.m. at the Franklin Community Library.  All members are welcome; agency fee payers can join at the door.

The Executive Board meets every month, on the fourth Tuesday, at 5:00 p.m. at the Union office (8788 Elk Grove Boulevard, Building 3, Suite 10 conference room.  All members are welcome.